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    Test and Prototyping

Test department for prototype production

With special profiles, the minimum bending radii attainable and the profile deformation resulting from reshaping can often only be determined through bending tests. The production of bent parts for first sampling and the alignment and optimisation of the bending tools and processes used is therefore an important element of project work.

Our internal test department enables us to provide optimum support to our customers right from first sampling. Test department, development and production are all under one roof at Thoman. This allows us to react very quickly and efficiently to new challenges.

As a customer you profit from fast reaction times and low efficiency losses. You can be confident that your bending tool has been optimally aligned and you will attain perfect bending results from the outset.


  • Tools and processes are tested
  • Quick sample production is possible
  • Feasibility and bending quality are validated

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