Perfection says it all

Take control of your success

with the powerful control technologies from Thoman

Thanks to the modular format of the hardware and the open software architecture, this can be tailored to your system and your specific requirements. Furthermore, you have access to numerous expansion options with which you can equally easily adapt your control to changing or entirely new production tasks.

In this way you remain flexible and your production remains constantly competitive. We would be delighted to advise you on your selection.

Machine controls / application

Universal bending machines
type MultiBend
Profile bending machines type RB Mandrel bending machines
type FK
 PP15-1A X X X
 PP41-1A X X X
 PP41-2A X X X
 PP41-3A X X


  • Leading-edge NC and CNC control engineering
  • Innovative
  • Scalable

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