Perfection says it all

The CNC-S control

a generation ahead



The new high end CNC control impresses with the maximum in functionality and diverse possibilities.
Program generation and program administration are carried out on a mobile operator terminal. The operator terminal encompasses a high performance industrial PC and the 15″ touch screen. Design and ergonomics satisfy the highest demands. The hardware and software are state-of-the-art technology. The new CNC-S control and the new, revolutionary CNC-S program wizard leave no wish unanswered and offer possibilities that were previously not an option. Program creation takes place even faster, is more simple and more precise.The terminal is equipped with a drawer (A3) for drawings and tech. documents. Order-related documents are therefore always in sight of the operator. Windows 7 embedded serves as the operating system. The machine control can be integrated into existing networks with ease. Data backups to network drives and remote access for online support are possible at all times.

Technical data

 Operator terminal Mobile with drawer for technical documents or drawings
 Design Modern flat design with brushed and anodised aluminium front
 Display 15″ touch screen display, angle and height adjustable
 Operating system Windows-7 embedded multilingual ger./eng.
 Software Thoman CNC-S program wizard



 Generation of bending contours through entry of radius and angle
 Generation of bending contours through entry of radius and length
 Generation of bending contours through entry of LRA
(Length Radius Angle)
 Generation of bending contours through entry of the coordinate intersections XYZ
 3D display of the bending contours on the screen
 Turning, zooming, rotating of the bending contour
 Tabular display of all contour elements
 Technology parameters for every contour element
 Insertion, deletion and merging of contour elements
 Targeted bending with consideration to the elastic recovery of the material
 Automatic generation of the machine program (G-Code)
 Perfect contour element transitions
 Linking of arbitrary documents with program, tool or profile
 Multi-level rights management
 Database for programs, tools, profiles and characteristic bending curves



  • Leading-edge CNC control technology with revolutionary operating software
  • Simple operation through the input of radius, length and angle, LRA or XYZ
  • Automatic program creation with the wizards
  • The maximum in precision and perfect bending results

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