Fully automatic tube bending machines NC

it doesn’t always have to be CNC

Fully automatic NC-controlled tube bending machines are equipped with three individually driven and controlled axes. The complete bending process, incl. tube intake, bending and tube turning, takes place automatically and through program control. Manual adjustment of the length and angle stops for the tube feeding and turning is unnecessary. Bending programs can be created directly on the machine or optionally on an external Notebook and transferred online to the machine control (PP41).

Fully automatic NC-controlled tube bending machines guarantee efficient production of one-off and serial parts. All clamping functions and drives operate hydraulically. Fully automatic NC-controlled tube bending machines offer many of the advantages of CNC-controlled machines with considerably lower investment costs.

Fully automatic NC-controlled tube bending machines are used in single part and serial manufacturing, in workshop operations and production.

APPLICATIONS AREAS: Metal construction, metalwork and general machine construction, pipework construction, hydraulics, plant construction



Machine control NC program control
12×9 cm display and program administration
Program creation Directly on the machine or optionally on an
external PC
Bending axis hydraulically controlled
Tube feeding hydraulically controlled
Tube turning hydraulically controlled
Tool reverse twisting hydraulically controlled
Tube clamping on the bending tool hydraulic
Application of the sliding jaw hydraulic
Mandrel extraction hydraulic
Premature mandrel withdrawal programable Standard
Mandrel extraction stroke adjustable Standard
Hydraulic collet chuck Optional
Travelling slide rail Optional
Automatic mandrel lubrication Optional


Machine Profil-Rohr Profil-VKrohr Profil-Rohr
400N / mm2 400N / mm2 VA
FK50-1A-NC 50,0 x 3,0 35,0 x 2,5 50,0 x 2,0
FK60-1A-NC 60,3 x 4,0 40,0 x 3,0 60,3 x 2,9

The table only contains a brief extract of the possible profiles and dimensions.

Other profile forms, dimensions and special profiles are possible at any time

The information applies to steel with a maximum tensile strength of Rm=400N/mm2.

Deviating data applies to profiles produced from aluminium, stainless steel or high-strength materials.



  • Fully automatic bending process
  • Short set-up times with single part production
  • High productivity in serial production
  • Simple operation

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