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The application spectrum of type RB profile bending machines can be expanded with a wide range of different machine options.



The bending machine that bends, measures and corrects fully automatically. This desire has been fulfilled by the new measurement and control system R-Control.

Assuming consistent quality of the profiles to be bent, it is possible to bend tubes and profiles with high precision and productivity following the one-time generation of an NC program.

However, in practice it is not always possible to guarantee consistent quality of the profiles supplied. Fluctuations in the shape, hardness and elasticity of the profiles therefore lead to deviations in the bending results, which then require laborious correction. The manual measurement and correction process necessary here often requires considerable time and money. The new and revolutionary measurement and control system R-Control automates and significantly streamlines the measurement and correction process. Deviations are detected and corrected automatically. This is many times more productive than manual measurement and correction.



The production of heat exchangers is no problem with a profile bending machine of type RB. Depending on requirements, the machines can be equipped with mechanical, hydraulic or CNC-controlled spiral bending devices.



Three-dimensionally bent profiles are often required for body shell and cab production. Profile bending machines of type RB are also capable of this.

Equipped with two vertically operating CNC bending axes, it is also possible to three-dimensionally curve square-section tubes and special profiles. Just ask us. We are happy to assess the feasibility of customer-specific requirements in our technical centre.


  • Fourth roller
  • Shaft supports
  • Spiral bending devicefor round tubes and flat profiles
  • Pressing device for folding and press folding
  • Drawing device for H-profiles
  • Support and guide rollers as doubt roller
  • Mandrel bending device



  • Numerous possibilities
  • The right solution for every requirement
  • Extremely diverse

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