• RB3-L
    Profile bending to perfection

Profile bending machines type RB

outstanding performance with maximum flexibility

Profile bending machines of type RB impress with the maximum in flexibility and bending capacity. The unique machine concept enables the variable adjustment of the lateral roller spacing. Optimum alignment of the profile bending machine with the profile to be bent is facilitated. Excessively high pressing forces on the profile are avoided. The best possible bend quality is attained in conjunction with the minimum in profile deformation.

With profile bending machines of type RB the bent profile does not run over the machine body but instead within the free space. A collision of the bent profile with the machine or any attachments is excluded.

Maximum bending freedom is attained, as well as a high degree of safety for the machine operator.

Profile bending machines of type RB can be expanded in a variety of ways. Be it with a spiral device, fourth roller or mandrel bending device, the machines can be equipped according to your requirements.

The unique machine concept in combination with leading-edge CNC control engineering make type RB profile bending machines the first choice when maximum flexibility, performance, precision and top bending quality are required.


Contour RB3-L RB3 RB4 RB6
 Profil-VK3 80×15 120×15 120×30 160×30
 Profil-VK2 160×15 160×20 260×20 260×40
 Profil-VKrohr 60x60x5 80x80x6 100x100x8 120x120x10
 Profil-Rohr 76,1×2,6 114,3×3,2 139,7×3,6 200×4

The table only contains a brief extract of the possible profiles and dimensions.

Other profile forms, dimensions and special profiles are possible at any time.

The information applies to steel with a maximum tensile strength of Rm=400N/mm2.

Deviating data applies to profiles produced from aluminium, stainless steel or high-strength materials.



  • Maximum flexibility due to a unique machine concept
  • Top bending quality
  • Leading-edge CNC control technology with revolutionary operating software
  • Diverse options and expansions
  • Fully automatic radius measurement with R control
  • 2D and 3D bending

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