The profile bending machine RB6

outstanding performance with high flexibility

The profile bending machine RB6 is presently the most powerful and heavy-duty profile bending machine from Thoman. With an output of 22 KW, a pressing force of 70 tonnes and high reduction planetary geared motors, the profile bending machine RB6 also offers sufficient reserves for bending very heavy-duty profiles.

Due to the variable spacing of the lateral rollers, adjustable from 630mm to 1230mm, it is possible to bend significantly larger profiles with the profile bending machine RB6 than are possible with comparable conventional heavy-duty profile bending machines.

If smaller profiles are bent then the lateral roller spacing can be reduced. The roller diameter can be considerably smaller by design than that of conventional profile bending machines.

Tools costs and set-up costs are reduced and the profile bending machine can be employed for a broad spectrum of applications.

APPLICATION: Metal construction, steel construction, stairway construction, metalwork, machine construction, conveyance engineering, plant construction, pipework construction, façade construction, contract bending companies, utility vehicle construction



Bending capacity 22 KW
Driven rollers 3
Adjustable speed 0-8 stepless
Shaft diameter 125mm
Shaft length 300mm
Side roller spacing 630-1320mm adjustable
X-asis stroke 400mm
Pressing force 70 tonnes
Weight 5500-6000 kg
Connection 400 V, 64A
Bending direction away from the machine
Automatic radius control / R-Control Optional
Hydraulic support rollers Optional
CNC-Controlled support rollers Optional



  • Maximum bending force for heavy-duty profiles and large profile cross-sections
  • Bends large profiles with maximum precision
  • Minimal deformation of the bent profiles

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