• Full automatic NC
    Tube bending to perfection

Tube bending machine type FK

semi-automatic and fully automatic both a sound choice

Be it for plant, machine or metal construction, when bent tubes are required, tube bending machines of type FK come into their own. Tube bending machines from the FK range are available as semi-automatic and fully automatic variants.

All tube bending machines from Thoman are equipped with an extremely compact, free-standing and exposed bending head. This guarantees the maximum in bending freedom.

Many bent parts, which would be infeasible on other tube bending machines due to a collision between the bending part and the machine body, can be bent on a type FK tube bending machine without difficulty.

The machines are suitable for single part and serial production. Tube bending machines of type FK unite solid machine construction with leading-edge control engineering, whilst delivering exceptional value for money.


Contour FK 50 FK 60 FK 76 FK 90
 Profil-Rohr 50×3 60×3 76×3 90×3
Profil-VKrohr 35×2,5 40×3 50×3 70×3

The table only contains a brief extract of the possible profiles and dimensions.

Other profile forms, dimensions and special profiles are possible at any time.

The information applies to steel with a maximum tensile strength of Rm=400N/mm2.

Deviating data applies to profiles produced from aluminium, stainless steel or high-strength materials.



  • For single part and serial production
  • Short set-up times
  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic, NC or CNC-controlled available

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